Household Insurance

Helping you to obtain Building & Content Insurance

It’s vital that the right protection is in place to fully protect a home, and to consider the perils of being underinsured. Household insurance is an ‘umbrella’ term which covers two types of insurance, buildings and contents insurance. Collabot finance in conjunction with The Source can offer competitive household buildings & contents insurance quotes. For Commercial properties, please contact Collabot Finance, and we will be able to help. 

Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance is often a condition of mortgage acceptance. It covers the external structure of the property and relates to the bricks and mortar of the building. If the property were to be damaged by a disaster, such as a flood or fire, this type of policy would cover the rebuilding costs, costs of demolition, site clearance and architects’ fees. Buildings insurance also protects fixtures and fittings throughout the home, such as kitchen units and bathroom suites. The minimum amount the property should be covered for is referred to as the ‘rebuild’ cost. This cost can often be found on the properties survey report. The amount of contents cover you select should be able to replace all your contents on a new basis if you were to lose it all, such as in a fire.

Contents insurance

It’s no surprise that when all items within a home are added up, their total value would be rather significant. Contents insurance is a particularly useful type of cover that protects possessions that you have collected over the years, and is important for covering the costs to repair or replace such items. Contents insurance includes items such as furniture, televisions and clothes. Damage as a result of water leakages, storms, flooding, fires, explosions, lightning, and earthquakes is usually covered.

Non-standard cover

As the need for non-standard insurance becomes more prevalent every day, there are still a number of General Insurance providers who fail to offer a tailored insurance solution required for clients with high risk properties and circumstances. However, we in conjunction with the Source, can help you meet these non-standard needs.

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