Additional services to support your mortgage journey

We at Collabot wish to make your transactions as easy as possible. We recognise that you are busy individuals and do not always have the time to sort out things like legal, home surveys, etc. As such, we are providing additional services with different partners so that you can maximise your time. 

Credit Report

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When you apply for credit the process usually involves you giving your permission to the credit provider to check your credit report. Different lenders look for different things when looking at your credit report and deciding whether to lend to you. As part of our additional services, We have partnered with Checkmyfile to enable you to check your own credit report prior to making any application, and correct any mistakes.

Conveyancing & Home building Surveys

As part of our additional services, We’ve partnered with Sort refer to enable our clients to get access to competitive pricing for 

  • Conveyancing fees for Sale, Purchase and Remortgage (where not included within the lender as a free service)
  • Home Buyer report, and Building survey reports
  • Energy Performance Certificates
The system is easy to use and provides the following benefits

On-Line Will

We’ve partnered with Beyond the online will experts. As a gift from us, you and your partner can now receive 10% off when you make a legally binding will online. Just use the offer code: COLLABOT10

Personal Guarantee Insurance

We’ve have partnered with Purbeck Insurance Services, a Managing General Agent who provide Personal Guarantee Insurance (PGI). Personal Guarantee Insurance (PGI) provides insurance for Directors who have been required to sign a Personal Guarantee to a lender in support of a business loan facility. The insurance policy indemnifies the individual (Director) in the event the business becomes insolvent and the personal guarantee is called upon by the lender.

Please note, Collabot Finance does not offer advice or services in this area of insurance. PGI is available against a wide range of business loans, including:

Embedded Capital Allowances

We’ve partnered with an Award winning Tax specialist to claim embedded capital allowances, for commercial property owners. Embedded Capital Allowances are a valuable form of tax relief available to anyone owning, buying or selling commercial property and are available on a wide range of properties.

Whilst these allowances have been available for a number of years, this is a specialist area requiring a team of Tax Specialists and Surveyors to work together to identify the allowances and formulate a legitimate claim.

Claiming can result in a cash rebate from HM Revenue & Customs or a reduction in current and future tax bills or both.

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