Portfolio Landlord

Helping portfolio landlords grow their portfolio

A portfolio landlord (as classified by the lender’s regulators) is a borrower with four or more mortgaged UK Buy-to-Let properties. This should include any properties you own just a share of, including BTL properties you hold inside a Limited Company.

Arranging buy to let mortgages across a portfolio of properties can be complex. Usually, each property will require its own mortgage and lenders tend to apply stricter affordability and criteria restrictions on portfolios.

We at Collabot Fiannce will take time to discuss and understand your strategy, for example, whether you wish to invest for income, capital growth or both and the timescales required. We can also help you raise capital on your existing BTL portfolio. Our knowledge and expertise can help you finance more complex property investments. This can include as HMO properties, refurbishments and conversions, developments, auction property, commercial and semi-commercial property, multiple flats on one title and also more specialised purchase structures including Limited Companies, Offshore Companies and Trusts.

We can also consider a portfolio mortgage which will allow landlords to place all of their buy to let mortgages under one mortgage. A portfolio mortgage is treated as a single account. Rather than having separate lenders for each property, the entire portfolio is undertaken by one lender, hence one monthly payment. The portfolio is registered as a limited company and finances and expenditures are treated exactly the same as any other business model.

Portfolio Landlord

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